Our Story

How we got here.

Born and raised in central Europe, high quality medicinal mineral waters were always a part of our daily life. There are hundreds of them. Some of them are used as treatment for certain medical conditions or diseases and even prescribed or recommended by physicians

In the US only a few of them are directly available to the consumer and unfortunately only the most popular ones that suits a wide range of customers.

Then one day we watched Zac Efrons "Down to Earth" documentary on Netflix, where he visited a water tasting in Los Angeles in which the host presented a variety of different waters, explained their distinct chemical properties and how it can provide your overall health.

This show gave basically birth to our Aquahealclub idea but we wanted to take it one step further.

Our Mission

How Aquahealclub is fixing the water industries biggest problems.

As much as we like the idea of drinking the mineral waters we were used to when we lived in Europe, we don't like the idea of shipping a case of water bottles across the globe.

Some of the very popular foreign bottled waters we drink in the US, traveled up to 6000 miles until it reaches the consumer as described in this article from the University of California, but also in general the single usage of plastic bottles is just insane.

Lots of consumers already switched to home water filter systems and purifiers but there, the water gets depleted from all the essential and healthy minerals as well.

That's where we starting to think about ways to eliminate single bottle usage and cut down the travel journey but yet, still have healthy mineral rich waters available on a daily basis.

Our Science

For us not just a buzzword.

How are we able to create unique mineral water experiences without physically shipping heavy water bottles across the globe? With a lot of research and the use of bio chemistry and chemical engineering we are able to reverse engineer any type of water based on their mineral levels.

The Research

We started cataloging hundreds of mineral- and medicinal mineral waters by their chemical properties and proven health benefits but rapidly figured that this was not enough.

With several different known compounds of every major mineral e.g. magnesium or calcium which each of these compounds also causing different chemical reactions when dissolved water we needed to dig a bit further.

As a next step we also looked at the geological and regional data to determine the natural chemical processes the water went through by analyzing their PH levels.

Reverse Engineering Nature

With all the collected data we were then able create to reverse engineer mineral waters by creating custom blend water-soluble mineral mixes that turns filtered tap water into healthy good tasting mineral water.