The Product

No Sugar.
No Flavor.
No Buzzwords.
Simply natural mineral water.

Science Backed Health Benefits For Body And Soul

The benefits of drinking mineral water as a daily drink such as reducing the risk of strokes and heart diseases, lowering the level of cholesterol and blood pressure, maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels, improving metabolism, and reducing stress.


Mineral water also supports mental health by providing sufficient levels of lithium - as a mood stabilizer - and magnesium - age-related memory loss -  for human brain function.

Aquaheal Club™ provides you with natural mineral water that supports your body and soul in a positive, healthy way.


Mineral Water vs Water with Minerals

There are hundreds if not thousands of drinkable dietary supplements out there that simply enhance certain mineral levels. Each product covers one specific use case and many compounds being used are lacking the ability to get digested and metabolize in the human body. 


Aquaheal Club™ uses the same compounds as they naturally occur and recreates the same chemical reactions as in natural mineral waters.


Mineral Water vs Spring Water vs  Purified Water

The way spring and purified waters, so called soft waters are being filtered and processed typically removes beside impurities like toxic chemicals and other contaminants all the necessary minerals our body cells need to function. 

Mineral water is full of essential solids and provides your body with these minerals in a natural way. 


Aquaheal Club™ combines the benefits of benefits of both worlds by adding these healthy essential solids back to the clean and toxic free filtered waters.


Sustainable Water Enhancement

Aquaheal Club™ is committed to reduce carbon footprint wherever we can thats why all of our ingredients are sourced within the US. By consuming Aquaheal Club™ you can help reducing your carbon footprint by avoiding buying imported mineral waters.

You can save about 0.5 lbs per 50 ounce bottle which means that 800 bottles per year consumed by the average bottle drinking household is equal to 350 lbs CO2. 


Drink Healthier.