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All About Us

The mission of the company is to achieve holistic health.  We believe in healing the body, mind, and soul. Healing waters are natural waters with clinically shown (see studies on our research page) health effects. Healing waters are considered to be one of the oldest natural remedies. They have been used for thousands of years for a variety of ailments, such as heart disease, pain, and even depression. Healing waters also promote and maintain good health. AquaHealClub offers personalized water. We generate your personal water that is based on an in-depth questionnaire and affordable.

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How does Aquaheal support your mental health?


Personalized healing water ​

Water you need. Water you drink. Water that heals.

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Healing waters have proven health effects.

You know that water is essential for life, but did you know that your water can also be a powerful tool to support your health in a wholesome way? Healing waters are made of a combination of minerals, essential elements, and natural ingredients that balance the body's chemistry and restore its equilibrium. Healing waters also promote and maintain good health. And they're not just water - it's an entire experience. From the taste to the sensation, to the benefits, medicinal waters are a whole new way to look at water.

Personalized healing water.

Healing waters can be used for any purpose such as drinking, cooking, bathing, or as a beauty treatment. Our product offers a personalized range of healing water products to suit any need you may have. We use science-based technology to generate your personal healing water.

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Better for the planet. Better for you.

Our company is committed to protecting the environment. That is why we want to replace single-use plastic bottles with green sustainable packages by reinventing the way people drink water. Instead of delivering water, we deliver personalized soluble mineral mixes in our custom packaging that uses less than 1% of the energy and water of bottled water and is recyclable.

To further reduce our carbon footprint we support EcoForce. Saving the Earth one tree at a time.


Take the first step towards holistic health with your personalized healing water.

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